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Brockport PD - Special Enforcement Programs


The imperatives of any modern police force are service and protection.  While one of the most visible forms of these functions is traffic enforcement, enforcement alone is not enough.  The Brockport Police Department engages in a number of Special Enforcement Programs that not only have a direct impact on traffic safety, but on our quality of life as a whole.


Before discussing these Programs specifically, it is important to remember two things about traffic enforcement in general:


  1. Police officers try to educate the public in vehicle safety by conducting traffic stops when a violation of law is observed.  Sometimes a warning is sufficient, sometimes a citation is in order.  Whether a ticket is issued or not, the imperative is protecting the citizens of our Community.


  1. Citizen concerns regarding traffic safety in their neighborhoods often dictate when and where police monitor for violations.  If Village residents have a particular area or issue they would like addressed, they should contact the Police Department by telephone during regular business hours at 637-1020 (for on-going problems) or dial 911 (for in-progress events requiring Police response).  You may also e-mail at .


Please If you see red and white flashing lights behind you, PULL TO THE RIGHT and STOP!  Stay in your car, and await the officer with your hands on the steering wheel.  Remember:  bad guys need to get from point A to point B to commit their crimes - and we don't always know the good guys from the bad guys until we talk to you!



Aggressive Driving



The Brockport Police Department has secured Grants from the New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, through the Monroe County Traffic Safety Board, that enables us to put forth officers tasked with targeting aggressive drivers. 


These Grants pay for officers to patrol areas where speeding, running red lights and stop signs, and failing to yield to pedestrians are a problem.  Officers assigned to these details are asked to write tickets for violations as a means by which to send a strong message that unsafe driving habits will not be tolerated in our Community.


Defensive Driving Seminars:



Local area Defensive Driving and Driver Education instructors call upon Brockport Police Officers to provide valuable information to their students. 


Police professionals have held discussion sessions with motorists, both new and experienced ones, regarding the Vehicle and Traffic Law, collision avoidance, drug and alcohol impaired driving, and issues such as distracted driving and drowsy driving.  The goal is to provide accurate information, dispel myths and rumors, and encourage safe vehicle operation.



Alcoholic Beverage Control Law - Impaired Driving Deterrence Grants:





Grants have been secured from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, and the Monroe County STOP DWI Program, to enforce underage drinking laws and deter underage drinking and driving.


Special details have been put together using Grant funds to allow premise checks of bars, restaurants, and taverns, to ensure that youths under 21 years of age are not consuming alcoholic beverages.  The Brockport Police Department has also cooperated with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and State Liquor Authority in conducting sweeps of local establishments for fraudulent documents often used by underage youth to purchase alcohol.


These programs, in conjunction with the ongoing efforts of local tavern owners to improve training and compliance within their staff (through voluntary completion of such Liquor Authority approved courses as TIPS, FAIR, and I'm SMART), have been effective in reducing the number of underage people involved in alcohol-related incidents.


These details also target house parties, by use of undercover operatives who are under 21, where alcohol is given or sold.  Those people who provide alcohol to those under 21 years old are charged with the Misdemeanor offense of Unlawfully Dealing with a Child 1st Degree, and may be subject to arrest, fines up to $1,000, and/or one year in jail.  Additionally, those who accept money for providing alcohol at these parties may be charged with Sale of Alcohol without a License, also a Misdemeanor.


Buckle Up New York - Seatbelt Compliance:




Grants have been obtained from the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee to allow targeted enforcement of seatbelt use in conjunction with State and National seatbelt compliance initiatives.  Checkpoints and blanket patrols are used in these efforts.


You've seen the commercials and the billboards:  Click It or Ticket.  The Brockport Police Department strictly enforces seatbelt use.  Seatbelt compliance is not only a matter of personal safety, as others who are inside a vehicle involved in a collision may be killed or seriously injured by the movement of an unrestrained occupant.  Most serious injury and fatal crashes don't happen on the highway at high speed, but within five (5) miles of home at speeds under 35 mph, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( ).



Pedestrian Safety:

Enforcement and Engineering


The Brockport Police Department and Village of Brockport Department of Public Works have completed a five-year program to improve crosswalk visibility and gain compliance with crosswalk use laws.


The Village of Brockport was awarded the American Automobile Association's Platinum Award for Traffic Safety for the year 2004 after completion of our five year effort.  We were one of only seven communities in New York State to achieve that recognition.  We believe this was in no small part due to the combined efforts of the Village Departments to engineer safer and more visible crossings, erect signs both along and in the street alerting motorists to crosswalks and the law, and targeted enforcement efforts by police.


Speed Sentry - Speed Monitoring:

Enforcement, Education, and Engineering



Assemblyman William Reilich was instrumental in obtaining a State Legislative Grant which enabled the Brockport Police Department to purchase a Speed Sentry RADAR device.


The Speed Sentry is a device that is fully man-portable, mounts easily on street signs or telephone poles, and provides a large, lighted display of vehicle speeds approaching the RADAR unit.  The Speed Sentry educates motorists as to their speed in a "heads-up" display with easy to read 18 inch numbers, allows officers in the area to enforce speeds by targeting violators, and allows recording of traffic flow and speed trends. 


The information gathered by the Speed Sentry is downloaded and provided to the Village Department of Public Works as part of their ongoing efforts in traffic engineering.  Speed and traffic flow trends are used by Police to target times when there tend to be more speeders in a particular area.


Because the Speed Sentry is so easily movable and mountable, it can be used in any area of the Village, unlike conventional "speed trailers." 


STOP DWI - Targeting Impaired Driving:




The Brockport Police Department participates in the Monroe County STOP DWI Program by utilizing Grant funding provided from the County to enhance road patrol traffic enforcement, specifically targeting impaired drivers.


Officers are deployed in blanket patrols, and sobriety checkpoints, in order to deter alcohol and drug impaired driving, and arrest those who drive under the influence.  The Village of Brockport has suffered a number of alcohol and drug related crashes over the past two years, and while Nationally the number of crashes has decreased, in the Village it appears to have increased.  It is our plan that through continuing enforcement, education, and training, we will positively impact this trend.


Drug and Alcohol Impaired Driving - Police Officer Training:





The Brockport Police Department has taken a leading role in providing training to Police Officers from across the County and across the State.  Instructors from Brockport have been utilized in teaching the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program, as well as the DWI Detection - Standardized Field Sobriety Testing program, using the curriculum of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee has sponsored training with the cooperation of local Departments, including Brockport, the Monroe Community College Public Safety Training Facility, and other law enforcement agencies, to enable police officers to better detect and apprehend drug and alcohol impaired drivers.  These workshops include rigorous classroom and field training in the use of standardized and systematic system of evaluation tools.  For more information visit the GTSC Web Site at  or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at


Crowd watches start of DWI Crash Simulation


For additional information on any of the Brockport Police Department's Special Enforcement Programs, contact Lt. Stephen Mesiti at 585-637-1020 x48, or you may e-mail .




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